Who We Are

woodsEnd is a rural church of about 200 people in Edgewood, NM. We have been here since 1981 preaching the message of Jesus to this community. Our 'no stones to throw' identity means that we take seriously the command of Jesus that we may not throw stones if we have sinned too. Since each of us has sinned, none of us has a stone to throw at any other sinner.

People have asked, 'What about holiness?' Jesus taught that the only true way to holiness is by and through the grace of God. Any other attempt is purely self-righteous human religion. We can be people who pursue holiness, holding each other to account within the church, and still be people with no stones to throw.

We are an independent nonprofit church and school right in the middle of Edgewood. We seek to love and serve this community in bigger and better ways. We also acknowledge that this mission of the church can not and will not be accomplished without the direct involvement of the Holy Spirit. We seek to hear His voice and follow His direction as we serve the Father in the Earth!